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Why is Weentar looking to decentralise social media on the blockchain? What do we hope to achieve?

It is simple really, traditional social media platforms concentrate power in the hands of a few. You can get your entire life’s work deleted and gone just like that. But that is not all. There is also the part where you are literally working for the platform for free. It is new age slave labor. Your content is not yours, your data is for sale and if you are a creator you might be entitled to a tiny tiny fraction of the ad revenue. This is not right. This has to change. And the technology for this is already here.

We are changing the narrative by giving creators and communities that form around them full control of their data as well as the opportunity to create a reward system through creator tokens with creator content as NFTs. This is social media 3.0. You earn for doing the same thing you do for free on traditional social media platforms. Imagine earning for being a fan. This is the future of work.

The meaning of work has changed, and the next evolution of work would typically involve the things we do for fun. Like commenting on a Tiktok video or making a fun meme. These fun activities would soon start to pay the bills, and we may soon begin to look back at those 9 to 5 office days the same way we look back at industrial age.

Millions of people have and would continue to lose their jobs to AI and other more efficient systems of capitalism. The days where work meant physical labour is fast disappearing. At weentar we believe that digital social interaction and community growth would be the next gold mine with these activities tokenized on the blockchain giving rise to a fairer wealth distribution system. In simple words, you watching this video and interacting with it would soon be able to be all you need to do to get paid.

The future of work is not going to be you on a zoom call with your boss. You are already in the future of work, you are just not yet getting paid for it. Enter Weentar. We are changing that.

Weentar is going to be one of the hottest new projects of 2021 and you can be a part of it. We are creating the future of social media and we have a lot of partnerships planned for the immediate future.

From corporate partnerships, celebrity partnerships, and exchange listings , you can be rest assured that this project is aimed for the galaxy and not just the moon. We have a visible and experienced team, a road map, a light paper and an audited smart contract as a simple first step. We are doing everything right to make our project a top 20 project in 2021.

We are launching our smart contract on the Binance smart chain with a goal to migrate to the weentar blockchain in the second quarter of 2021 and by the end of this year we would have a million users and over 500 major celebrities and creators on our platform. Our goal is to make the very complex world of blockchain technology as easy to understand as your phone.

There are over 50 million self identified creators in the social media space. Over a million of these are celebrities in different countries around the world. What does this mean? That is a potential for 50 million communities with their own tokens. A working concept and the right publicity means 50 million people would potentially in the next decade through our platform others like it campaign to their thousands and millions of followers to join them on there. They would do this because of the increased earning power it provides, and the people oblige them because of what they also get to gain. Think about it like Onlyfans on crack, with the users and the creators being both super bullish. This is easily a Multi Trillion Dollar Alternate Economy, and we cannot even begin to fathom the many real world use cases a platform like this would have and how new forms of trade previously unthinkable would come about.

Cryptocurrency adoption is at less than 1% of the global world population with some countries and entities actively fighting against its mass adoption and the smartest developers and “cryptonerds” holding the fort. Bitcoin was the first, and it has since grown to thousands of tokens launched all aiming to fix one problem or the other with some quite simply “FOMOing” the moment. Our goal is to bring mass adoption to the cryptocurrency space by dumbing it down. How far down? So down that even a celebrity can explain it in simple words to their followers and have them download an app, buy into the social currency of their favourite person and watch their investment as is with other cryptocurrency projects. We are trying to do to this space what investment apps did for the “nonexistent retail investors”. We are gamifying digital currency by making it social, community and influencer driven. A fairer economic distribution of wealth unlike anything else.

Weentar is the future.

Follow us and be a part of this growing community.

The Weentar presale would be live on the 20th of April 2021 on www.weentar.com. Join weentar on its journey to decentralise social media and create unparalleled economic incentives for both users and creators.

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At Weentar are reimagining social media through the power of the blockchain.