Weentar’s Expanding Media Presence, Growing Online Communities, and More

CNBC Africa Crypto Corner with Weentar CEO

We missed a few updates over the last two months, and in part two of our Medium comeback, we still have a lot to cover! If you missed part one, make sure you take a few minutes to check it out. With that said, let’s get into what we have been doing!

Weentar has had major media exposure recently. Eduardo Fonnegra, CEO of Weentar, sat down with CNBC Africa anchor/producer Zinathi Gquma for a segment of Crypto Corner, and discussed the project at length. CNBC Africa broadcast the segment live and uploaded it to their website. The African television network is part of the global CNBC family and reaches audiences in over 100 countries.

On June 22, the Weentar team was able to record a “10 Minute Spotlight” video with CryptoWendyO for her feature called “The O Show.” CryptoWendyO has hundreds of thousands of followers across social media, and the video quickly amassed several thousand views. You can watch Eduardo, fellow co-founder Sebastian Dine, and CryptoWendyO discuss Weentar on YouTube.

The Weentar project has been spreading across the internet, with growing communities on all major social media platforms. You can now connect with Weentar on Reddit and Quora. Our Telegram community remains active every day, and is usually the first place for news and updates to drop. Eduardo and Sebastian have held several in-depth AMA sessions, and the details of each one are meticulously recorded and saved in the pinned messages on Telegram.

Staying connected to our supporters and everyone interested in the project is a top priority at Weentar. We are planning for years of success, and we hope to see familiar faces from the community with us on that journey. With that in mind, the next evolution of community engagement will involve live video streams featuring key members of the Weentar team, with the CEO and CTO leading the way.

One of our favorite reveals from the past month was a teaser video that gave an early look at the web app design and some of the features that will be included in the MVP. We followed this video up with some screenshots of the web app, which is still in development, to give people an idea of what the final product will look like. Keep in mind, these are early previews, but you can view them here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

You are now caught up on most of the major developments and achievements over the last two months, but if you want to get more details, make sure to hop into the Telegram channel and read through the pinned messages. There is just way too much to cover here!

We are HYPED about the upcoming marketing plans we have ready for the final weeks before the web app launch and the ongoing plans for when after it is released! Social media is changing, and Weentar is leading the way!

Until next time,

Your Weentar Team



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