Weentar partners with ICO Pantera — Korea’s Leading Growth Accelerator.

Hello Weentar Community,

We are glad to announce a strategic partnership with ICO Pantera, Korea’s leading growth accelerator, this is the most influential crypto community in Korea.

Why did we partner with the Pantera ICO Group?

The Pantera ICO Group is a leading growth accelerator in Korea, they have partnered with top exchanges such as Kucoin and OKEX, and they have successfully created and marketed a lot of successful projects in the cryptocurrency space.

Korea is one of the largest cryptocurrency markets and the 6th crypto-friendly country in the world that has played an important role in its global adoption. As part of our expansion plan our goal is to have our project be known in the Korean market and our Pantera ICO partnership does just that.

ICO Pantera has a fundamentally strong investor-based community that will bring great synergy in the marketing and networking that is required for a success in this market.

A little background on Pantera ICO.

Pantera ICO has been around for nearly 4 years. They have successfully launched some 400 projects so far with their marketing, strategy, and community building services. In this current bull market a Pantera ICO partnership has an important role in bringing quality projects with great potential to its own community. With its influence and capacity, we do believe Pantera ICO will help us to raise people’s awareness about our project, and also help to improve the project exposure in Korea.

Pantera ICO Important Links:

Telegram ID : @icopantera

Telegram Community : t.me/panteragroup

Email : icopantera@icopantera.kr

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/icopantera/

Website : icopantera.kr

About Weentar. ($WNTR)

Weentar is a decentralised social media project. We are creating a platform that allows for celebrities, influencers and creators to launch their social tokens as easily as creating a profile and also have their media content posted as NFT’s on a decentralised social media platform on the Weentar blockchain.

Social media has turned us all into unpaid workers. Creators work on creating content for free that is posted for the validation of the audience who engage with the content with no financial incentive. All of these activities are monetised by the platform via advertisement. A over 100 Billion dollar market that is dependent on all the free labour of billions of people. The financial benefits of this system only goes to a few people. The overwhelming majority including the biggest creators do not have rights to any financial rewards, or even their own content or data. We are turning that unfair model on its head.

Our goal is to decentralise social media on the blockchain. Creators would be able to launch their own tokens as easily as creating a profile and their communities can purchase creator tokens to gain access to content and voting right within the community. As the community grows so does the monetary value of the social tokens, allowing for fans to be financially rewarded for the success of the creators. Creators can also launch their videos or photos as NFTs on the Weentar blockchain giving fans and investors the opportunity to purchase bids on content thus giving creators more financial incentives to put our great content. This is a zero advertisement social media future that gives infinitely more independence and financial incentives to the creators and the communities that form around them.

The team behind the project.

  • CEO, Eduardo Fonnegra is an American business executive with Crowdcreate.us, a company that has raised over 133Million dollars for several projects. He has a lot of experience with Artificial Intelligence, Crowdfunding and Real estate.
  • CTO, Sebastian Dine is a German tech lead in a global market research agency. His speciality is in blockchain development, big data engineering and Artificial intelligence.
  • Head of product, Clinton Murphy is American, with a lot of experience in product and project management from tech startups to public companies.
  • Senior blockchain Developer, Kailash Sharan has a bachelor degree in computer engineering and has a lot of experience building blockchain based games and developing smart contracts for some established projects in the crypto space.
  • We have a blockchain development team, app development team, product designers and investment relations team from various countries all working together to make Weentar a top 20 project in 2021.

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Social handles.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WEENTARcom

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/weentar/

Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@weentar

Telegram: https://t.me/weentarcom

LinkedIn: https:linkedin.com/weentar