Weentar Kicks Off September in Style

CryptoArch1tect on Twitter retweets Weentar to his 500,000+ followers

Things are getting truly exciting at Weentar! The team recently announced an increased focus on marketing efforts, and it is already paying off. At the same time, the development team quietly moved the project to the next stage of preparing for the public MVP launch.

Twitter Blows Up with Giveaway

On Thursday, Weentar launched a giveaway to kick off an epic month, and it has been a tremendous success! Cryptocurrency giveaway host CryptoArch1tect on Twitter gave the giveaway an early boost with a retweet to his 500,000+ followers, and the original tweet received over 200 likes in less than two days. Three lucky entrants will be given 2,000 $WNTR tokens, with winners being announced Sunday. Entries will be accepted up until the last moment before the winners are drawn on Sunday!

Weentar Giveaway September 2, 2021

On Friday, the long-awaited collaboration with NFT Gallery/Marketplace Musée took place during the first-ever Weentar-hosted Twitter Space. The two CEOs, Eduardo Fonnegra for Weentar and Kevin Domon for Musée, were joined by their colleagues, as they discussed the current state of NFTs, the future of the technology, decentralization using blockchain technology, and more! Look for this to be uploaded at a later date if you missed it live.

After the Twitter Space concluded, Weentar dropped a surprise video on YouTube. The video is both a great introduction to the project for those who are new, and a reminder of the ambitious vision of the co-founders for long-time supporters. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, as we expect more content to come later this month and beyond!

The Future of Social Media is Decentralized

Community Members Invited to Testnet

Last week we announced an updated launch strategy, and as part of that, we shared that we would roll-out a testnet version of the MVP before the full mainnet launch.

Lead developer and co-founder Kailash Sharan Bara invited community members in Telegram to apply for on-boarding Friday morning. The first batch was selected and set up on the testnet, with Kailash advising that more would be onboarded soon. The feedback provided so far has been very helpful for the developers, and we look forward to more coming in as testing continues.

Feedback from Telegram community member
Feedback from Telegram community member
Long-time community member and holder provides update after testnet access.

Weentar’s CEO Eduardo also revealed this week that a new developer has joined the team, and while we have not secured a deal with an exchange to list our new Coin yet, we are hopeful that this will be resolved soon.

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