Weentar Closes Out July With Collaborations and Development Updates!

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Weentar is preparing to launch the web application MVP in Q3

Weentar has been busy over the last week! We continue to work tirelessly on design and development to prepare for the launch of the web app. At the same time, we are finalizing our pre-launch marketing strategy to make sure everyone knows Weentar is coming! We have also begun engaging with industry professionals to discuss Bitcoin, altcoins, mining, DeFi, the need for decentralization of social media and more.

Twitter Interviews with Industry Professionals

Last week, Weentar CEO Eduardo Fonnegra sat with Mason Jappa, CryptoWendyO, and Alex Mashinsky for video interviews. They are still available for viewing on our Twitter page if you missed them! The three industry professionals, each with very different backgrounds and experience, provided some amazing insight into current and future problems, solutions, and opportunities.

Mason Jappa, CEO and co-founder of Blockware Solutions, was our first guest last week. Mason sees the cryptocurrency mining ban in China as amazing for the marketplace. He states that the ban resulted in a natural decentralization of the mining network.

In support of further decentralization, Mason sees more countries following El Salvador in adopting Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) as legal tender. “In short, it’s freedom from centralized governments and centralized currencies.” When asked about decentralized social media, Mason said he sees them taking over the current system as “just a matter of time.”

Our next guest was CryptoWendyO, a rising star known primarily for her role as an influencer in the cryptocurrency space. Eduardo and WendyO discussed topics from Elon Musk to TikTok. CryptoWendyO raised an excellent point, discussing how the crypto community should focus less on the actions of millionaires and billionaires, and more on real world adoption of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

The final guest of the week was the CEO of Celsius Network, Alex Mashinsky. One of the questions Eduardo asked Alex was how people outside of the crypto industry respond to Celsius Network as a product. Alex said that even his own friends still feel it’s too good to be true! When asked about the immediate future of Bitcoin, he said that he has predicted Bitcoin will drop below $30,000 this year (which it recently did), and then rocket to anywhere between $140,000 and $160,000, before settling lower as people exit off those all-time highs.

Bitcoin Dip from CoinMarketCap
Bitcoin Dip from CoinMarketCap
Bitcoin dipped below $30,000 USD, before quickly recovering — Courtesy of CoinMarketCap

There is a clear consensus among these professionals that the future is bright, and better things are coming for cryptocurrency and projects utilizing blockchain technology to decentralize as much as possible.

What’s Next for Weentar’s CEO

This week brings another full schedule for Eduardo Fonnegra. Each day Eduardo is in communication with a variety of people who can bring value to Weentar as future partners or collaborators. In our continued efforts to connect with current and future supporters and users of Weentar, we are going live on another platform this week! On Wednesday, July 28, Eduardo will be going live on Twitch with Mahbod Moghadam. Moghadam is an attorney turned entrepreneur, known for his work with Genius, Everipedia, and Ozone.ai. He is also an early investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Mahbod Moghadam and Eduardo Fonnegra on Twitch
Mahbod Moghadam and Eduardo Fonnegra on Twitch
Eduardo Fonnegra will go live on Twitch with Mahbod Moghadam July 28 at 12:00 PM CST

Update from Weentar’s CTO Sebastian Dine on Development

Over the last two weeks, the development team has been focused on the two core value-adding features of Weentar: the social tokens and NFTs. The social token creation and purchasing process has been completely implemented, from backend to frontend. On the NFT side, backend concepts are 95% complete. This week, the team continues development and testing of the first version of the frontend representation of NFTs.

More updates coming soon!

Until next time,

Your Weentar Team

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