Weentar Begins Countdown to Launch, Next Live Streams Announced

Weentar Live Stream On Twitch Announcement

We've all been waiting patiently, and it is finally happening! The Weentar MVP will be launched this month! While an official release date has not been set, everything’s coming together smoothly and there are no delays expected. While we continue to wait, Weentar is ramping marketing plans up, and more live streams will be held this week!

In our first Twitch live streamed interview last week, Weentar CEO Eduardo Fonnegra spoke with crypto investor and entrepreneur Mahbod Moghadam. Mahbod spoke openly about his time with Genius and his thoughts about the current leadership, and he does not hold back. The full interview is still available to watch on our Twitch channel.

Tuesday Live Stream Alert

This week brings two new live streams! First, live on Twitch this Tuesday at 10:30 AM CST, Eduardo will be speaking with Dirk Lueth. Dirk is a co-founder of Upland.me, which is “a virtual property trading game based on real-world addresses.” Dirk is very knowledgeable about the cryptocurrency space, especially the NFT market. We look forward to hearing his thoughts on the future of these technologies and more!

Later that day, the Weentar CEO will be going live on Twitter with Titan Mining CEO Ryan Condron. Titan provides software and services for the cryptocurrency mining industry. The stream kicks off at 12:00 PM CST.

AMA Summary July 30, 2021

Last week, the Weentar team also held another AMA session with the CEO, Eduardo, and CTO, Sebastian Dine. This was the first successful live streaming video AMA session with the two co-founders. They provided updates and answered questions from the community. A summary of the key topics and responses is provided below, and the full AMA is available to watch on Twitch.

Screenshot from AMA on Twitch July 30, 2021

The development team has recently been focused on completion of the “value adding” functions, which includes the NFTs and social tokens. The tokenomics for the social tokens are completely developed. When creators sign up, their social tokens will be automatically minted according to the smart contract the team has created.

The system for uploading of NFTs has been completed as well. The IPFS clustering system is “pretty stable and pretty dynamic.” The IPFS clusters are running on three continents. Everything is connected with the smart contact in the front end, so that users are able to see what creators have uploaded via their profile page. Currently, development is focused on the front-end for the NFT bidding system. The back end is already complete.

Sebastian is currently planning to do a recording that will provide a sneak peek of how Weentar currently looks. The features that he is planning to showcase include how to join Weentar, how to become a creator, how to purchase social tokens, and how to create NFTs from your content as a creator. This should be recorded next week and released shortly after.

Staking pools will not be available with the MVP, but because Weentar is using proof-of-stake, this is something that is planned to be added after the release of the MVP. Another feature already planned is a voting engine where holders can create votes that decide how Weentar should adjust or extend the platform. Again, this is not going to be released with the MVP, but will be added later.

The main focus of the entire team has been back-end development, organization, and planning for the launch. There are no new celebrity or influencer partnerships to announce at this time, but the team has been in communication with the right people, including managers who work with celebrities and influencers. We are just waiting for the web app to be ready for launch to bring it all together. There are more interviews planned for relationship building and content creation, which increases brand awareness.

Eduardo and Jon are working towards getting the new coin listed on a major exchange. We are researching and reaching out to top exchanges and discussions have already begun. This is one of the highest priorities of the team. It is not only about the listing, but finding the right exchange that will provide the best experience and value for our current and future coin holders.

That’s it for now! More coming soon! In the meantime, please make sure to follow us on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and check our website for more details if you are new to the project!

Until next time,

Your Weentar Team



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