Weentar Announces Next Giveaway and Live Stream

Weentar is coming, and we are ready to make serious noise in the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and social media worlds. With new team members, increased marketing, and users already invited to the testnet, it’s clear that it won’t be much longer before the world is enjoying the best of social media 3.0!

Major Press Release and Interview

Last week, the Weentar team put out a major press release that was published on dozens of websites. The article was published across Yahoo, including Yahoo Finance, and more sites continue to pick it up each day.

Weentar’s CEO Eduardo Fonnegra was also interviewed last week for an article in TechBullion. The in-depth interview features information about Eduardo’s background and professional experience, how the project started, where it is going, and how it all works!

This Week Features A Huge Giveaway and Amazing Live Stream

After the success of our giveaway earlier this month, we decided to host another one right away. We want everyone to know #WeentarIsComing. Our second giveaway of September features more tokens, more winners, and more ways to earn entries!

Check out our SweepWidget page to enter, and share it with your friends and across social media to earn more entries every time someone joins through your link! Entries close on Friday, September 17, and prizes will be sent shortly after.

For those who have been missing our live streams, we have great news this week! Eduardo will be going LIVE with Carolin Wend, co-founder of Mintbase. Mintbase is a NextGen Utility NFT Engine, and we are very excited to hear her thoughts on decentralization, NFTs, and more! The stream kicks off at 12 PM CST / 5PM UTC, this Thursday, September 16th.

Mintbase COO Live Stream with Weentar

For the latest, make sure you are following us on Twitter and join us in the Weentar Telegram channel!

Until next time,

Your Weentar Team



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