Sneak Peek Video Revealed and AMA Announcement from Weentar

Weentar is another week closer to launching the MVP and bringing the next evolution of work closer to the masses! As we continue on this journey, we are dedicated to keeping the world updated and informed on our progress and successes. Today we bring you a recap of what happened in our world last week, and announce our next AMA session!

Sneak Peek of MVP (Development Version)

In our last update, we revealed that Weentar’s Chief Technology Officer Sebastian Diné was planning to record a sneak peek video of the upcoming web app. Last Thursday, we premiered the video on our new YouTube channel.

In the video, Sebastian walks through several features of the web app, including signing up as a creator, uploading content as NFTs, and more! We plan to add more video content to the channel soon, so be sure to subscribe!

Live Stream with Titan CEO

Last Tuesday, Weentar’s Chief Executive Officer Eduardo Fonnegra spoke with the CEO of Titan, Ryan Condron, on a live video stream. The two executives discussed Ryan’s background and how he got started with mining, the future of proof-of-work, regulatory and environmental concerns, and more! As always, the stream was saved and is still available to watch back on our Twitter and Twitch pages.

AMA with Titan Mining Quote

Coinboom Listing

A nice Weekend surprise came from cryptocurrency listing website Coinboom. They reviewed and approved our listing, and shared the news with their more than 10,000 Twitter followers! Check out our listing and vote for us on Coinboom!

Coinboom listing announcement

Upcoming AMA Annoucement

Eduardo and Sebastian return this week for another AMA session! The session will be live streamed via Twitter and Twitch on Tuesday, August 10, at 10:00 AM CST, and will be available to watch back any time for those who are not able to attend live. We will also provide a recap of the AMA in our next Medium article. We love connecting with our community members, and we can’t wait to see what questions you have for the team!

That’s all for now! We hope to see you tomorrow at the AMA!

Until next time,

Your Weentar Team

P.S. Follow us on Twitch, Twitter, Reddit, and check out our website for more details if you are new to the project!



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