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Instagram, YouTube and TikTok have done all the hard work, Weentar is simply allowing already influential persons on these platforms to get more value for their brand.

The Weentar Strategy is straightforward. Launch our decentralised social media app, get all the popular people to come on the app and in so doing bring the cryptocurrency space more mainstream adoption. It is a big goal and it one that we are prepared for, in fact with the rise of NFTs and it’s more mainstream acceptance all that is needed at this point is what we would be providing and that would be the gamification of the ecosystem. A much needed dumbing down that allows the space be filled with a lot more people than would usually be interested. This is the plan.

Our goal for 2021 is to launch an app and get our first 500 creators. They would be celebrities and creators who would normalise our app for a larger general audience. We would be beta testing with these sample group. Our pitch is simple, the creators would quite simply be getting a lot more value for time and creativity on the Weentar platform. From launching their own digital currency on the platform by signing up to being able to launch their content as NFTs, they would be creating their own micro-economy that would allow for not just themselves but also their followers to profit off. The popular social media apps have done all the heavy lifting for us as selecting our first crop of influencers has been made easier.

Take for instance we partner with Kylie Jenner, and she talks about our platform to her over 200 Million followers, giving them the ability to buy her own digital currency and also have the bragging rights of her content as they would now be NFTs written into our own blockchain. It would not be unreasonable to see creators have a market capitalisation in the Billions of dollars on the platform. Creators and their communities would hold a lot of power and can then vote on how they would use that power.

We expect to fully launch our MVP before the end of the second quarter of 2021 and before then form some partnership within the influencers and Hollywood celebrity spaces. The goal is to have people familiar with the vision before we launch. This is how we hope to capture the market. It would therefore not surprise us that a platform that is able to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and celebrity would end up being the most exciting platform in this space for the considerable future. Everyone talks up their project, but by the very nature of the technologies available to us and what we hope to do with it the advertising model of fractional centralised ad payments to influencers on a platform like YouTube (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pays you nothing) becomes less appealing beyond the dopamine rush that is a comment or like. Influencers and fans alike get more value for their time on a decentralised app.

As we launch the three presale phases we would be announcing some technical and celebrity partnerships, we want all our investors to know that not only are we capable of delivering on our promise but we hope tot shoot past them in the coming months. The market is ripe for some mainstream acceptance of the space. We know that our platform would do that better than any other and give rise to what we call social media 3.0.

Join us as we build this future.

The Weentar presale would be live on the 20th of April 2021 on our website. Join us as we begin our journey to decentralise social media and create unparalleled economic incentives for both users and creators.



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